Intended Use will give Optimum Results

Usually the labels and instructions provide clear explanation.

And give a description of what use will give the best results.

So you can understand how bewildered I felt when I read the warning label on a purchased set of Christmas lights which read: “For indoor or outdoor use only”

How clearly labeled the instructions, yet how belittled I felt when reading them.  Was I really that ill-advised as a consumer, that this was the entire instruction provided? It was such a blanket statement that provided all information necessary, yet also caused a sense of confusion. Was there another place where I could consider using these lights that I was not aware of?

But then without instructions how lost we can become.

Without a clear set of guidelines, boundaries can be crossed, people hurt and things said (or done) that cannot be retracted.

Sure, using these lights in a different way than intended (I am still to discover somewhere other than indoor or outdoor) would not cause serious harm, but not following set guidelines in other areas of our lives can.

If only the instructions and labels provided were followed as they should.

The other day I was reading through the ‘status’ of others on Facebook, when I read a variety of different statements, some interesting, some fascinating and some just caused me to feel bewildered. Why do I need or want to know what was eaten for dinner or with whom you shared it? And why do we have an urge to share such information with others?

Do we need others to know the personal details of our lives? And what is the reasoning in the sharing of such information? Was this the intended use of Facebook?

How I quickly began to question my motives, not solely in the use of the tool of Facebook, but also of other things in my life. Do I use what is offered to me in life with the right intentions? The short answer: Not always.

Do I use each and every day and the opportunities that come with them, in the intended way they were designed? Again the answer: not always.

Christ clearly states in His word “I have come that you may have life, and have it to the full.” John 10:10

Other words for Full are: bursting, jam packed, complete, filled, and teeming.

The instruction to me is to live each and every day in this way.

It is clear. It is simple. So why then do I complicate it?

Living in a consumer society, there are so many different and varied things available to us, but irrespective of what they are, if they are not used for the intended purpose, then the best possible outcome cannot be attained, regardless of how much effort put in.

And upon reflection of what Christ is offering, there is not only the intention for life to be lived to the full, but He also offers His Joy to be my strength in order to live in this manner and to use each and every day… yep you guess it, as it is intended to be used!

To be lived to the full!

My goal is to use the instruction book of life as it is intended, to take God at His Word and allow Him to work in me to achieve the greatest from what is placed before me.

The right use, will give the right outcome.

I will remind myself of this in future so that I use all other components of my life as they were intended!


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Book DEBrief

"Undaunted" by Christine Caine

A book I will read again!

The story that Christine shares is personal and impacting, full of honesty and openness. I related to so much of what she had to share and was extremely encouraged.

Christine is with no doubt a woman of faith, but it is the way in which she openly shares the journey of faith, including the thoughts of doubt and question and the wonder of how it will all work out that for me was the greatest encouragement.

I often feel like a lesser woman of faith when I begin to doubt, yet what I learnt from this real life story is that is the action which we take that will bring us closer to the purpose we were designed for.

I was also reminded that, from my own dark and depressive experiences, I can be used to empower and equip others; but it takes the desire to not only want change but to hang on tight to it, grip it well and move forward with it every day.

This is my first Christine Caine book, one I picked up from a recommendation, and I am so glad that I did. Christine writes in an easy to read fashion, but I found it was her honesty and humbleness before God that captured me.

I do recommend this book as a great read, but be prepared to be challenged whilst also very encouraged to become someone who is UNDAUNTED!


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