Consider, Ponder and recall.

This is part of what we do on a day like today, Remembrance Day.

It is a day when Australians unite in a minute of silence in memory of those who died or suffered in all wars and armed conflicts.

And oh, how diverse these memories would be, everyone contemplating on what this silence means for them. Oh the emotions attached to these thoughts!

Our memories are a part of who we are. As much as our experiences in life are varied and diverse so are our memories. It is on occasions like this that I use the cause to mediate not only on what was, but also on what could have been.

As a mother of three boys, I have over the years held great concern over how I would endure the experience of one of them choosing a career in any of the great forces of our country. If my son worked in the field of very real danger every day of his working life, how would I cope? Would this unease be a part of every day living? Would the experience, if my son lost his life, become a memory of sacrifice for the safety of our society, or would it cause me anger?

On a day like today my mother heart goes out to the many mums who said their goodbyes to their sons never knowing if they would return. I could never comprehend how this must have felt and the emotional pain that would have lingered over a very lengthy time. Oh the pain of not knowing and to then continue on with the everyday life that is expected of a mum.

To all the Mums who have experienced this, ‘Thank you’. Thank you for standing by and supporting the choice of your son. Our country is so blessed by this selfless action.

Throughout the many years of Motherhood (a job that I thoroughly love) there have been times when I wished I could step in and take the place of my child and experience the pain and hurt for them. Watching them endure pain, whether emotional or physical brings a pain and frustration like no other.  Maybe you have felt this also?

As I reflect on this, I begin to ponder on how Mary, Jesus’ Mum, must have felt the pain of not only being there in person watching and standing by while he died, but also knowing that this sacrifice was inevitable. She had no choice in the events that were unfolding before her and there was never the option of her standing in to take his place. He son was born for this.

Mary, what an amazing woman you were!

Maybe the reminder that her son, born of God and lent to her for a short time, was now dying as  the sacrifice for world was helpful… maybe not. Regardless, the emotions of this event would have been tremendously hard to endure, the tears never ending and oh, I could not even begin to imagine the sting of her heart. I admire and respect Mary for the way in which she handled this part of her journey, I doubt that I would have even come close to behaving as she did.

Greater than this, I am so thankful that Christ willingly died for me!

He began his journey knowing that the end was death, he was well aware of the physical torture and emotional pain and humiliation that were before him. Christ considered all this and still ‘signed up ‘to be a sacrifice for me.

What a great God! I am so thankful for the many sacrifices that have been made for me, the greatest one taking place many years ago on the cross of Calvary, as well as those within the services of our country today.

It is such a blessing to live in this great country.



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"Undaunted" by Christine Caine

A book I will read again!

The story that Christine shares is personal and impacting, full of honesty and openness. I related to so much of what she had to share and was extremely encouraged.

Christine is with no doubt a woman of faith, but it is the way in which she openly shares the journey of faith, including the thoughts of doubt and question and the wonder of how it will all work out that for me was the greatest encouragement.

I often feel like a lesser woman of faith when I begin to doubt, yet what I learnt from this real life story is that is the action which we take that will bring us closer to the purpose we were designed for.

I was also reminded that, from my own dark and depressive experiences, I can be used to empower and equip others; but it takes the desire to not only want change but to hang on tight to it, grip it well and move forward with it every day.

This is my first Christine Caine book, one I picked up from a recommendation, and I am so glad that I did. Christine writes in an easy to read fashion, but I found it was her honesty and humbleness before God that captured me.

I do recommend this book as a great read, but be prepared to be challenged whilst also very encouraged to become someone who is UNDAUNTED!


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