Manners are Still Valid …. Even on Facebook

Oh yes please!

Being courteous and respectful of others is always welcome, manners are still valid, they just look a bit different.

I most certainly appreciate being the recipient from someone who has shown even the slightest politeness, AND the results of behaving this way toward others can be abundantly fruitful, well worth the effort to be friendly, I think.

So why is it that when the Facebook icon is clicked, manners, respect, privacy and good old fashioned common sense (which in fact I have found to be not so common!) heads in the other direction?

The creation of technology is definitely a part of everyday life, it brings great benefits – instant information and unlimited communication to name just a couple. (like you and me sharing time through a blog!).

Life without technology and social media is not even an option, but then neither should be the use of old fashioned manners.

Some conversations are just not meant for social media! Not everyone wants to read about the latest family tiff or difference of opinion. I wonder if those participating in such, consider what conversation like this does to their reputation – what others will now think about them?

Some pictures are not meant for social media.

Indecent or offensive pictures for sure, though not limited to these. The respect of all Facebook friends should be considered when posting pictures/photos, as the slightest slur can create offense. Or are Facebook friends not really considered friends?

Social media is designed to allow us to interact with many, rather than the usual one on one conversation, providing us with greater opportunities to establish a successful network of people.

So manners should be an integral part of this.

So what do Social Media Manners look like?

Being well mannered is treating others with respect, bringing hope and adding value to a relationship, or the network you have formed. Treating others with respect in the world of social media begins with who YOU are as a person. Treat others as you would like to be treated!

Value others. Value what others have to say, allow them to say it, but ALWAYS be respectful. After all people matter, if our life did not consist of others, what would it all be about?

My heart is to sincerely listen to the opinion of others; this does not mean I always agree with what is being said, but I have in so many instances learnt so much from what others have shared with me.

Life experience, really does have great value, as do YOU!

There is NO denying that God is creative; all we need do is look around us to see how beautiful and amazing His creation is and it should come as no surprise to us that what humans can create is truly spectacular and amazing.

I am so blessed by the creative minds that have developed technology so that I can blog with YOU!

Looking forward to hearing from you.







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Book DEBrief

"Undaunted" by Christine Caine

A book I will read again!

The story that Christine shares is personal and impacting, full of honesty and openness. I related to so much of what she had to share and was extremely encouraged.

Christine is with no doubt a woman of faith, but it is the way in which she openly shares the journey of faith, including the thoughts of doubt and question and the wonder of how it will all work out that for me was the greatest encouragement.

I often feel like a lesser woman of faith when I begin to doubt, yet what I learnt from this real life story is that is the action which we take that will bring us closer to the purpose we were designed for.

I was also reminded that, from my own dark and depressive experiences, I can be used to empower and equip others; but it takes the desire to not only want change but to hang on tight to it, grip it well and move forward with it every day.

This is my first Christine Caine book, one I picked up from a recommendation, and I am so glad that I did. Christine writes in an easy to read fashion, but I found it was her honesty and humbleness before God that captured me.

I do recommend this book as a great read, but be prepared to be challenged whilst also very encouraged to become someone who is UNDAUNTED!


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