I love my Gig

I find myself without words (yes it does happen!) when I think about the incredible blessing of being a mum.

Oh how I love my being a Mum! Or Research Associate in the field of Child Development and Human Relations.

No two days are ever the same.

Each day brings it’s own significance; it’s own memory and on occasion a heartbreak of sorts.

But this gig is worth every minute.

When my kids were younger and keeping me very busy with everyday tasks, it was often said to me, “Enjoy each moment, they grow up so fast”. I must admit that it was difficult to believe this when my days consisted of feeding, picking up toys and washing, just to name a few! Most days ended in exhaustion and, at times, with the feeling of a great lack of productivity!

But it is so very true – They grow up so fast! I know this to be true because……

Recently I held my baby grandson after a bath.
(I can now add to my title, Senior Research Associate)

He is so very cute – just like his Dad.

I held him in his towel and for a moment I was “back in time” holding my little one – his dad who was standing right there – reflecting on the joy of parenting, and the daily task of bathing. I remember holding him after each bath and how significant these precious moments were. Even without the hindsight that I have now, I knew those moments were making memories.

It was at this moment that I began to cherish the joy and blessing that being a full time mum has given me.

There was a feeling of overwhelming honour that……

My son was very willing for me to stand along side him, willing for me to become a part of his new joy and willing to share this precious time in his life with me!

I am so very honoured to be able to delight in this time with him and my daughter-in-love, as I witness the traditions and the important things in his life now starting to become evident in the life of his son.

Reaching this point means so much.

In that moment and in one big truckload, I began to feel a strong sense of appreciation for what has been unconditionally invested into the life of my son.

ALL the time, energy, prayer and finance invested into the lives of my children has not only been an honour to provide, but it is moments like these that highlight the greatest dividend ever.

Truly, I simply love being a Mum.

I love hearing my name called – Mum!

And no matter what I go through in this role regardless of the difficulties and challenges, new and different seasons, or the times my heart has or will be broken, I am so thankful to have been given this opportunity.

THANK YOU to each and every one of my kids! For allowing me the honour and privilege to be your Mum, to speak into your life, for allowing me to be a part of your dream and see you flourish into the great person God has destined you to be.

I am SO very thankful that I am able to work in the Calling of my life!

Being a Mum is a calling, be encouraged and very confident that NOTHING invested in the lives or your precious children goes unnoticed, it may take some time, but the dividend that WILL come will blow you away!

It truly is the best job in the world!


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Book DEBrief

"Undaunted" by Christine Caine

A book I will read again!

The story that Christine shares is personal and impacting, full of honesty and openness. I related to so much of what she had to share and was extremely encouraged.

Christine is with no doubt a woman of faith, but it is the way in which she openly shares the journey of faith, including the thoughts of doubt and question and the wonder of how it will all work out that for me was the greatest encouragement.

I often feel like a lesser woman of faith when I begin to doubt, yet what I learnt from this real life story is that is the action which we take that will bring us closer to the purpose we were designed for.

I was also reminded that, from my own dark and depressive experiences, I can be used to empower and equip others; but it takes the desire to not only want change but to hang on tight to it, grip it well and move forward with it every day.

This is my first Christine Caine book, one I picked up from a recommendation, and I am so glad that I did. Christine writes in an easy to read fashion, but I found it was her honesty and humbleness before God that captured me.

I do recommend this book as a great read, but be prepared to be challenged whilst also very encouraged to become someone who is UNDAUNTED!


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